Grace is AWESOMESAUCE!!!!!!! It is such a relief to turn over my blog-work to someone who is experienced, professional & easy to work with. I never have to work about my blog – Grace just works her magic.

Grace is AMAZING!!! Her words are inspiring, to say the least!! I get giddy every time I see a new post go up on my blog, and can imagine that all my followers feel the same way. Because of Grace’s crazy-good understanding of SEO, my business inquiries double when she is blogging. After being forced to suspend her services for a couple of months for my daughter’s health concerns, she was the first person I contacted when things settled. Her gentle, encouraging words to me were those you may hear from a long-time friend!

Hiring Grace has been the best decision I made for my business this year! As a one woman show who already wears multiple hats, it is fantastic to have my blogging and SEO handled so smoothly. Grace is professional, talented and fun to work with, I highly recommend her!

I am so lucky to have found Grace! She takes my blah blog posts and gives them charm and character. Plus she takes care of the all important SEO too. I have had a definite increase in clients finding me on line since I started using her services. Thank you!